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Need to feed young kids with healthy snacks in school during the tiffin period? Or, maybe you have a factory and workers to feed? Whatever the reason is, our vending machines for Meath residents are made of cutting-edge tech, but do not cost a fortune! 

Does that sound too good to be true? We assure you, it is a reality when you collab with A.I. Vending Solutions! Our tight-knit Irish-run company has been providing clients for years now, with state-of-the-art machines. 

We make sure to satisfy client requirements, without messing with the budget. Our staff also provides complimentary installations, but at no cost! 

No Contracts, No Hassles

Unlike other vending companies, we do not go through a bunch of contracts and signatures to seal the deal. If you need us, know that we got your back. Simply give us a call to discuss the details of your vending requirements. 

If you want, you can try giving our vending machines a try for a month free of cost! We can get to an agreement once you decide if the product is to your liking or not. 

Our dedicated staff will reach out to you as soon as possible, and start installing the new machine from the get-go. Other than that, you can also contact us for solutions regarding glitches and issues with your old machine. 

We have on-field engineers working tirelessly day and night, providing clients from all backgrounds with solutions. 

Completely Customizable To Your Requirements 

Since we cater to different clients all at once, we also made sure to allow customers to personalize and customize their requirements from the team. 

Academic institutions can choose to go for healthier snacks or food options for their students. As usual, our staff will install the machine in the canteen, or wherever else you want, and also provide after-care. 

On the other hand, gyms and fitness centers can benefit from our drink machines. The products are large enough to house different-sized bottles and cans. At the same time, you can customize such a machine to dispense cold, hot, or combination drinks as well! 

Besides that, we have food machines. This kind of machine is ideal for even larger premises, such as factories or community centers. You can ask the staff to stack it with a variety of snacks and foods, starting from chips to sandwiches, and even muffins! 

Weekly Refill By Staff

Generally, our staff is instructed to refill the machines every week, however, you can tweak the routine as well. 

If you want, you can ask the machines to be restocked every two weeks, or even every month. Any problem arising during the refill period can also be solved by our staff within the same day. 

Get A Vending Machine For Your Business Today

For affordable but quality vending machines, Meath residents can blindly rely on us for the best service. Our job is to assist you in your business, by keeping your customers well-fed and hydrated!