vending machines Ireland

One Of The Best Vending Machines In Ireland

A.I. Vending Solutions brings you the most reliable vending machines Ireland has ever seen! Our machines are used by over 100 customers all over Ireland, for both office and educational institute purposes. 

Whether you want just snacks, drinks, or maybe a combo of both – rely on us to provide you with cutting-edge tech for the premise. 

We are an Irish family, serving customers all over the country with top-of-the-line machines. Our goal is to make your lives better and easier, with simple vending machines that cater to all cravings! 

Since the company is not too huge, we make sure to stay grounded and even go personal with extra maintenance care for the machines. Our customers are what keep us going, and we do everything to show gratitude! 

We Have Different Machines For Varied Cravings

A.I. Vending Solutions knows that when it comes to hunger, you need anything and everything to munch on. That is one reason why we bring three different types of machines

  • Snack Machine 

Need a hundred or so kids to keep satisfied during recess period in school? Consider getting our snack machines for the premise. 

Our snack vending machines are large enough to accommodate a variety of different items. From knick-knacks to snicker bars, throw in anything you want in our vending machines. We also provide complimentary installation for every product. 

  • Food Machine 

Everybody needs a sandwich or two to keep them going during long work hours. If your office lacks a good vending machine today, why not consider getting one from us? Our food machines are large, but not awkwardly built. So, they are perfect for office canteens. 

Also, you can expect our team to offer after-care maintenance, as well as free-of-charge installation. We will make sure to check if things are running smoothly before heading back to base. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if things seem icky with our machine, or your old vending machine. Our team is qualified enough to provide all sorts of solutions and repairs as well! 

  • Drink Machine 

Lastly, who does not need a drink to wash down the day-long stress down? Get one of our machines to place in your office (maybe next to the food machine!). You can also place our vending machines outside of the premises, since they are very safe, and can only be opened by the operator.

Who Else Do We Offer Solutions To?

A.I. Vending Solutions is not limited to schools and offices only, as we collab with other institutions as well. We have clients from gyms, hotels, and even factories! 

You can customize your list of items for the machine, and our team will fill it up accordingly. Items can be personalized as well, at no cost! 

We Don’t Cost A Fortune!

Finding vending machines in Ireland can be expensive, but that’s the least of your worries when working with us! We are affordable, and also provide complimentary installations. Your budget is in safe hands!