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State-Of-The-Art Vending Machines For Hire

Are you having trouble finding affordable vending machines to hire or rent out for your premises? Have no worries, as A.I.Vending Solutions brings you quality products for a cost-effective price. 

We have three different kinds of machines that companies can have us install on their premises. Among them, the food and drinks machine is the most sought after, so, does that sound like something you might need? 

If the answer to that is a resounding yes, then waste no time in giving us a call! We will dispatch a team to your location as fast as possible. Leave the hard work to us, as we do installations for free too! 

Vending Machines For Hire At Low Cost

We take pride in how affordable we are for customers all over the country. Our job is hard, but we do it with impeccable accuracy and determination every time. Clients love our vending machines, since they are affordable, but also made from top-of-the-line materials. The machines are also very wide, but not necessarily built in an awkward size. 

If anything, any industry can make use of our vending machines. Here are what our three different vending machines typically have to offer – 

  • Food Machine: This is the perfect machine to opt for if you run a large organization. For example, hotels, community centers, factories, etc., hire our food vending machines for their premises. 

Our food machines are large but sized in an appropriate way which makes them easy to house in fancy places. From burritos to sandwiches and even salads, you can fill it up with anything you want! The machine will keep the food at room temperature while making sure they do not get spoilt due to the excess heat or chilly weather outside. 

  • Drink Machine: Another incredible machine that we have is the drink machine, which is perfect for schools, universities, gymnasiums, and also fitness centers. You can fill the machine up with any kind of product that you want. 

On top of that, our drink machines come with the option for cold or hot beverages, and even a combination of both. You can also ask the staff to only refill the machine with healthy drinks if you would like your audience to drink healthy too. 

  • Snack Machine: The last machine is our snack machine, which is perfect for academic institutions, train stations, convenience stores, etc. You can fill it up with crisps, candies, and chocolate bars of any kind. 

The best thing that you can benefit from when renting or hiring machines from us is that you can assign us specific refill dates. Our team will only purchase products to fill the machine when you want us to. 

Fast Installation And Friendly Customer Service

A.I. Vending Solutions provides the fastest installation for all its machines. So, if you would like to find a company that provides vending machines for hire or rent, then look no further than us! Our team will cater to all your requirements and keep you satisfied!