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Affordable Vending Machines For Dublin Residents

Our vending machines for Dublin residents are affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. A.I. Vending Solutions vows to provide clients all over the county with state-of-the-art machines. Our Irish-run family caters to different institutions and premises, therefore bringing solutions to all. 

We have three different vending machines you can purchase, however, the team also provides repairs and consultations. The best thing about us is that we offer installations and after-care maintenance free of cost as well. As a result, we will not be leeching off of you like other vending companies! 

A.I. Vending Solutions operates in Dublin, and surrounding regions as well, so we are always available to assist. 

Low-Cost Repairs And Services 

Our team of expert workers is available around the clock. The repairs and services that we provide are of minimal cost, and we also do free installations for the machines. 

On the other hand, we use top-of-the-line equipment for all repairs and servicing, so you can expect our installations to last long. You can also call us for simple maintenance checks or after-care. 

From providing solutions for issues with old machines to replacing glitchy ones with new vending products, A.I. Vending Machines can do it all! 

Three Different Types Of Machines 

We offer 3 different types of vending machines so that clients can choose one that caters to their specific requirements. 

We have a drinks machine for starters, which accommodates bottles and cans of all sizes, no matter how small or large. You can ask the operator to fill it with any drink you want, starting from a mini CapriSun, to even a large Gatorade. The drink machine is good for gyms and fitness centers. 

On the other hand, we have our snacks machine. This one is ideal for schools, as you can stack it up with chips and candy bars. It is a perfect machine for catering to young kids during the recess period. 

You can ask our staff to personalize the stack with only healthy snack options for the kids as well. 

Lastly, our food machine is perfect for larger premises, such as factories or community centers. You can ask us to fill it up with the food you think would be ideal for the audience. Starting from club sandwiches, chips, to even hotdogs, we can stack it with everything and anything. 

Our recommendation would be to pair the food machine with a drink machine, as that gives the audience something to wash all that food down with! 

We Also Refill Weekly

As a policy, we always refill the machines every week, however, you can personalize it to your requirements. On top of that, if any issues arise during our refilling, you can expect us to fix the problem within 24 hours only! 

A.I. Vending Solutions Is Available 24/7

When it comes to getting affordable vending machines in Dublin, rely only on us! Whether you’re seeking solutions for an old machine, or want a brand new one installed – our expert staff will cater to all your needs!