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Affordable Food Machines For Hire 

Our vending machines are the best you can find in all of Ireland! Don’t believe us? Why not consider getting our food machines for hire or rent for a month or so? Our products are made from quality materials, therefore being built to last for decades! 

On top of that, we as a team provide the best customer service as well. Our job is to respond to all clients whenever they need us. All you need to do is give us a call if you would like to opt for our food machines. 

However, we also have two other vending machines that you can go to for your premises! 

Quality Food Machines For Hire! 

A.I. Vending Solutions is proud to state that all our food machines are made from state-of-the-art materials. In short, you can expect our food machines to outlast even you! From packing in burritos to sandwiches and even salad bowls, you can fill our food machines with whatever food you want. 

On top of that, the machines are built in a way to prevent outside heat from penetrating. As a result, the food inside will not start to rot away on a hot summer day. However, they also will not be ice-cold when you take the food out. Our machines will keep everything at room temperature. 

Our food machines are very big, however, they will not clutter your organization with their structure. You can place it in any corner of the room or area. A full stomach with yummy food will also keep your employees happy and motivated throughout the day! 

What Other Machines Look Like

Other than our food machines, we also have two other products that anyone can have us installed on their premises. 

The first product is the snacks machine, which is ideal for academic institutions and organizations where kids and teens hang around. You can also install it in gymnasiums, but our drink machine will be more suitable for that. 

The snacks machine can be filled with all kinds of munchies that you want, including crisps, candies, and chocolate bars too. You can also fill it up with juice boxes and milk cartons if you want your audience to eat and drink healthy instead. 

Next, we have the drink machine. This one is ideal for gyms and fitness centers. Authorities can ask our team to fill the machine up with healthy shakes and energy drinks for the audience. 

Schedule Re-fills Anytime You Want 

We never want to impose on you! This is why our team works on refilling weekly, or according to the clients’ orders only. You can have us come in once in two weeks, or even monthly if that seems appropriate to you. 

Convenient Free Installations 

Whether you want our food machines for hire, or to purchase completely, know that our team will do the hard work for you! We provide installations for no cost, so you can enjoy the benefits of the food machine from the get-go!