Why Our Drink Machines Are Awesome

It’s hard to overstate the importance of drink machines. Not only are they like an oasis in the desert on a hot summer day but they also serve as a great source for refreshment to itch your sweet tooth.

These machines are so different from food or snack machines. There’s something about drinks that makes them so much more desirable than any other type of consumable.

Any smart business owner will place one in their place of business. It’s not rocket science: drinks are inexpensive and vending machines are attractive. This equals a lot of sales. 

But you can’t just do that with any old drink machine. No, you need a top-notch one and that’s where A.I. Vending Solutions deliver. What makes us a level above everyone else?


We know, everyone claims to be reliable but we actually make sure we live up to this claim. This is because we have bag loads of experience dealing with vending machines, 15 years to be precise.

With this experience, we’ve come to learn not to place too much trust on external sources. We trust our brilliant teams to take care of business. This way quality control is completely up to us.

Variety Or Not… Your Call

Have a personal vendetta against cola? Say bye-bye to that black liquid because you get to choose what goes in the machine. You are the boss and we are likely to make sure you know that.

You can even opt for healthier drinks in an effort to promote a better lifestyle or go for drinks you personally prefer to give your customers a window into your soul. The choice is entirely yours.

If you are hesitant to make a choice, you can always go with our basic packages. No pressure.

Location Is Not An Issue

We offer services in a wide variety of areas so you won’t find yourself without a vending machine where you need it. Be it a school, office, gym, or one of the many other places we can set a machine up for you.

Issues Are Not An Issue

Well, that’s an oxymoron if we’ve ever seen one. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. We are steadfast and super serious when dealing with customer concerns. We resolve all your issues within 24 hours or else.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We’ve got some great reviews to back up these claims if you’ve been wondering. Amanda Parks, a company director, calls us the best vending service Ireland has to offer. A title we’re super proud to be bestowed upon.

Sophie Leonard, a CEO, called us reliable and affordable while Barry Morgan, a hotel manager, complimented our wonderful team and said he didn’t face any issues in his hotel.

Go For A Trial

We understand that a few google reviews may not be enough to convince all of you and that is why we offer a 1-month trial.

Try our drink machines for a month. If any of the claims we made turn out to be false, you can chuck our machines in the bin. We’re pretty confident you won’t need to, however.